Celebrating your silver anniversary? Rejoicing the birth of your first child? Marking a business milestone? Give the art of gifting a luxe stroke with your personalized, exclusive wine from Vallonné Vineyards. India's first boutique winery offers wine aficionados an opportunity to own their premium wine, matured in French barrels, complete with bespoke labels and a touch of exclusivity. For the first time in India, wine connoisseurs can leave their signature mark on our wines. Choose your wine, nurture it in our barrels and be the proud owner of your very own exclusive label.

Choose from Vallonné Vineyards' brilliant, rich bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and barrique it from nine months to one year. The toasted oak barrels from a premier cooperage in France will bear the name of the proud owner as they sit ensconced in the temperate controlled cellar of the winery with the wine ageing in them, protected from heat and sunlight.

The oaked wine can be bottled anytime after the stipulated nine month period. Our state-of-the-art monobloc bottleing machine will gently bottle your wine to retain the original aromas of the grape. You can choose your bottles from the range of regular sized ones to French-produced magnums. We then seal your precious wine with natural corks from Portugal

Your bespoke label will mirror your individuality and style. Our creative team can custom-make the label with colours and design of your choice. Stamp it with the year of vintage, mark the occasion or simply let your name stand proud on your own personalized wine

Write to us on info@vallonnevineyards.com