Tom Yum Phad - Veg (Thailand)

The famous flavorsome hot & sour soup brimming with the fragrant aromas of lemongrass, lime, fresh chilies, coriander & galangal.


The Malaka Tom Kha Phad- Veg (Thailand)

Zesty galangal heads the Flavor Parade in this Traditional Thai broth, aided & abetted by a touch of lime & coriander in fresh coconut milk.

Spinach Soup - Veg (Indonesia)

A delightful soup that delicately combines spinach with herbs, spice and farm grown vegetables.

Tom Yum (Chicken / Prawns)

A hot & sour (almost) clear soup flavored with lemongrass, lime, fresh chilies, coriander & galangal. Healthful & well, yum!

The Malaka Tom Kha (Chicken / Prawns)

The flavorful concoction of chicken / prawns in coconut milk, spiced with lemongrass, coriander, chili oil & the elusive galangal.


Spinach Soup (Chicken / Prawns)

A delightful soup that delicately combines spinach with herb spice and Chicken / Prawns.


Top Hat - Veg (Pai Tee - Malaysia)

Yummy rice cups stuffed with herbs & spicy minced vegetables. We just hat to have something from the City of Melaka.

Baby Potato Satay -Veg (Thailand)

Yes Potato Satay!!! The humble potato meets Thai soy marinade & is charred on a grill. Unique.

Thai Spring Rolls - Veg (Po Pias - Thailand)

Carrots, bean sprouts, rice noodles wrapped in spring roll wrappers and fried till crispy golden brown.

Pumpkin Chips - Veg (Malaka Spice)

The humble pumpkin just went glamorous! With a topping of crispy basil, it is too sexy to miss!

Vegetable Murtabak - Veg (Malaka Spice)

A famous Indo-Muslim specialty from Malaysia. A favorite night time snack. Pancakes stuffed with vegetables. UMM!!

Nan Thod Potatoes - Veg

Thai style baby potatoes, stir fried and tossed with tamarind chili sauce.

Chicken in Pandanu - Non-Veg (Gai Hor Bai Toey - Thailand)

Boneless kebabs marinated in herbs & Thai paste, fried in wraps of pandanu leaves. Unwrap & relish an old favorite.

Grilled Chicken Skewers - Non-Veg (Satiay Ayam - Indonesia)

Chicken breast marinated in exotic herbs & Asian griddle-grilled. Gobbie with a delicious peanut sauce.

Top Hats - Non-Veg (Pai Tee - Malaysia)

Exotic herbs, sprout & chicken / mutton / smoked duck in bite sized rice cups. Strait out of Malaka tradition.

Murtabak Chicken / Mutton - Non-Veg (Malaysia)

A famous Indo-Muslim specialty from Malaysia. A favorite night time snack. Pancakes stuffed with chicken / mutton. UMM!

Thai Mutton Chops - Non-Veg (Malaka Spice)

The most succulent mutton chops in Pune. Soaked in a peppery flavorful marinade grilled. A perfect start.

Grilled Prawns Satay - Sea Food (Satay Tom - Vietnam)

Luscious grilled bites of fresh prawns marinated in lime, sambal, fresh chilies & coriander.

Salt & Pepper Prawns - Sea Food (Malaka Spice)

Medium Prawns tossed with freshly crushed whole garlic, lime wedges and pepper, cooked in a wok over high heat till the succulent prawns absorb the flavors.

Basa Fish Satay - Sea Food (Malaka Spice)

Fresh Vietnamese Basa fillets marinated in dill, lime n chili, skewered & grilled. Satayate the soul.

Kari Leaf Prawns- Sea Food (Malaka Spice)

Batter fried prawns tossed in chili oil, combined with Malaka flavors and curry leaf.


Eclectic Salad (Malaka Spice)

Or "Electric Salad" as our team calls it. Green apple, cucumber, raw mango & pomegranate dressed up with ginger, lime juice & chili...


Tangy Green Papaya Salad

Fresh shredded green papaya seasoned with chili, tangy lime & crunchy roasted peanuts.

Chicken & Prawn, Green Apple Salad

With chili, jaggery (gur), lime dressing - just yummy!


All Chicken served at Malaka Spice is Boneless
Only choice lean boneless meat hand-picked by a finicky health conscious owner-chef features on our menu. Enjoy!

Sambal Crunchy Veggies - Veg (Malaka Spice)

Red pepper, broccoli & baby corn tossed in black bean & sambal sauce. Easy to overeat, so sambhaal ke! Enjoy!


Tofu in Basil & Chili - Veg (Malaka Spice)

Hot & spicy, this variation from traditional Chinese cuisine features fresh tofu tossed in a garlic and fresh Thai basil & chili jus.

Baby Potato with Herbs & Chili - Veg (Malaka Spice)

Perfectly turned baby spring potatoes tossed with cubes of tofu in a jus of fresh herbs, chili and blackbean - Vegan heaven!

Honey Garlic Chili Chicken - Non-Veg (China)

Honey & black bean sauce marinated chicken tossed with broccoli, red capsicum, fresh chilies, garlic & sesame oil.

Basil Chicken - Non-Veg (Bai Kaprao - Thailand)

Minced chicken sauteed with sliced red chili & overwhelmed by the flavor of Thai basil. A take on the Thai classic.

Slow cooked Mutton in Red Paste - Non-Veg (Rendang - Indonesia)

Pan-dried mutton in red paste brought to flavourful balance with tenderizing in coconut milk, in a nuts & coriander garnish.

Basil Chili Mutton - Non-Veg (Malaysia)

A Malaysian delicacy - Mutton slices dried in a wok with basil, button chilies and herbs. Very Smooth!

Singaporean Chili Prawns - Sea Food (Cili Kung - Singapore)

Prawns tossed in typical Singapore sambal... Yum!

Randang Fish in Banana Leaf - Sea Food

Filled of Vietnamese Basa submerged in a spicy rending wash and grilled in banana leaf - Malaka goodness.



We make our own signature FRESH curry pastes & mixes everyday - no preservatives!
We do not use any canned gunk!


Malaka Thai Red Curry

Red chilies with a host of fragnant flavorsome spices ground to a paste cooked with vegetables / meat in a rich stew of coconut milk & basil.

Malaka Kari Kapitan

Over twenty delicate spices with ground cashew nuts create this traditional coconut based curry, redolent of luxuriant British Colonial Malaya. Jolly good with hot roti kanai or roti jhalas!




All these preparations can be served with vegetables or meat

Roti Kanai / Garlic Roti Kanai

Layered Malay paratha cooked on a hot griddle. Slurrp up the delicious curries with it like the Malays do.

Roti Jhala

Lightlaced net crepes that enhance the taste of every flavorful entree. Amazing Malaka innovation.

Brown Rice (Malaka Spice)

Organic wild brown rice prepared to your taste. Order it plain to savor with a variegated meal. Or ask for the herbed rice variation to add yet another tasteful twist to your Malaka adventure. Healthy, either way!

Indonesian Fried Rice - Nasi Goreng (Indonesia)

The famous Indonesian rice tossed in sweet soy sauce with prawns / chicken / veggies with a tinge of red chili. Crowned with a fried egg and garnished with wafers.


Malaka Herb Rice (Malaka Spice)

Steamed rice tossed with fresh herbs, choice of Italian basil or Thai basil.


Coriander Rice (Malaka Spice)

Steamed rice tossed with fresh coriander.


Noodles preparations can be served with vegetables or boneless meats.

Thai Noodles with Crunchy Peanuts - Phad Thai (Thailand)

Crunchy groundnuts provide the tasteful twist in these traditional Thai (now global favorite) stir-fried (regular / thin / flat) noodles with chicken / vegetables.

Burmese Curry Noodles - Khow Suey (Burma)

This noodles medley with rich creamy curry-on-the -side comes straight from the heart of Rangoan & is a veritable meal-for-one. Accompanied with a garlic / onion flakes garnish platter.


Malay Spice Noodles - Mee Goreng (Malaysia)

Noodles fried with chili, vegetables, onion & fried tofu. Has been inspired by the wholesome Malaysian preparation.


Royal Chocolate Mousse


Apple Pie with Ice-Cream


Honey Noodles with Ice-Cream


Apple Toffee with Ice-Cream

 Chocolate Brownie with Ice-Cream